Tournament Rules











FORMAT: Round robin - 5 Game Guarantee  

LENGTH OF GAMES:  2 1/4 hour games (3 - 20 minute periods of stop time with flood each period) 

RULES: All games played under Hockey Canada and BC Hockey Rules 




The Home Team will be the first team listed on the schedule. The Home Team will be required to wear light colored jerseys and will be responsible to change sweaters if there is a color conflict while the visiting team will wear dark jerseys. The Home Team will remain on the ice until the visiting team has left. 


PRE GAME WARM-UP: 7 minutes in length from the real starting game time or if running behind the warm up will start immediately after the ice clean is done. Please be on time. 


MATCH PENALTY OR GROSS MISCONDUCT: Any player receiving a gross misconduct or match penalty will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. 


TEAM OFFICIALS: Team officials will also fall under the same rulings as the players with regards to suspensions. 


SCHEDULING: If the tournament gets behind schedule, the Tournament Director, at his/her discretion can and will adjust the remaining ice times and that decision will be final. 


MERCY RULE: If at any time during a game one team is 6 goals ahead, the remaining time will be run time. If the team behind scores to narrow the spread to 5 goals, then the remaining time will revert to Stop Time. The tournament director has the ability to ask the time keepers to stop posting goals if the spread becomes too large. No change to the time on any current penalties will occur. 


CANCELLATION: If a team withdraws from the Tournament 45 days prior, a full refund will be given only if a replacement team is found. Cancellation 30 days prior a refund of 50% will be considered by Tournament Committee for each situation.


No refunds 14 days or less before tournament. 


PROTESTS: All protests must be in writing, accompanied by One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) cash protest fee signed by a carded team official within one (1) hour of game completion to the Tournament Committee. All decisions made by The Tournament Committee will be final on any or all protests. Protests will be handled immediately. If a protest is rejected, the entire fee will be forfeited. NO protests will be allowed on calls made by the on-ice-officials.




Upon registering for KIBIHT you paid a $300.00 Security Fee 


Dressing Rooms


Dressing room assignments will be predetermined by the Arena Staff each day.


Teams will be expected to vacate their dressing room within 45 minutes of game ending


A $150.00 dressing room security fee is included in your registration fees and will be rebated to teams at completion of tournament.


Dressing rooms will be expected to be left in a clean condition when exiting. Rooms will be inspected by Rink Manager or Arena Staff after each game.


At the discretion of the Arena Staff or Tournament Committee, they have the right not to reimburse the security deposit.


Each team will be responsible to supply their own dressing room locks. 


Coach/Manager Teleconference


A telephone conference call will be made during the week before the tournament commences. All teams will be required to participate, and a roll call will take place before and after teleconference. A $150.00 security fee is included in the registration fees and is rebated to teams at completion of tournament. Teams that do not participate will not be rebated.






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